Designed to burn disposables that can and should be destroyed on-site. Theses wastes include infectious and contaminated “red bag.” Surgical dressings, plastic test devices and other wastes

Fast, complete, efficient waste disposal

Dual chamber combustion, Chambers insulated and lined with high temperature refractory. Programmable digital temperature controls, temperature indicators and charge recorder. Modulating control for fuel and air lowers fuel consumption.

Minimum installation and start up time

Aluminized steel jacket lined with refractory and firebrick. Monitors recorders and other accessory equipment should be available.

Charging system:

  • Vertical charge door on primary chamber.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic ram charging system.
  • Auto shut down of the door after charging.
  • Primary and secondary chamber temperature displayed and recorded (optional)

Charging rate:

  • Up to 100kgs per hour of waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg.

Fuel:-         Natural Gas

Capacity (Cubic Mtr):   1.65M3 or more

Ave Capacity:      100kg per hour

Secondary Chamber Capacity (CubicMtr) :3.88 or more

Length (mm):      1880 or better

Width (mm):       1280 or better

Height Incl. Flue (mm):         7700 or better

Ash Door Opening (mm):   475×900 or better

Min. Operating temperature:         90 degree centigrade

Max, Operating Temperature:       1350 degree centigrade

Residency time in Second Chamber:       2 sec

Temperature Monitoring: Both for primary and secondary chambers.

Loading SystemManual/semi-automatic

Waste destruction efficiency:> 90% by weight

Filter: Ceramic or other equivalent filters in order to reduce the induction of hazardous air pollutants, particulates, co,dioxin/furane into the atmosphere.

De ashing system: Manual/semi-automatic.

The System must be quoted complete with:-

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical panels
  • Civil works
  • Waste collection Trolleys


Finish/ Paint:-

High Quality heat resistant, two layers high-grade epoxy Paint coating.

Installed Power (Electric Voltage): 440V/ 50 Hz

Waste Management Equipment must have ;

Mobile loading trolley: 06 No’s – For transportation of hospital waste from wards to incinerator site/ room, Opening from the top.

WASTE BINS MOBILE: 06 No’s-Made of Plastic, in blue color with a cover flap.

Plastic Bags:       2000 no’s each in Red and Yellow color.

Heavy Duty Gloves Pairs: For Waste handling staff-06 Pairs

Long Shoes Pairs:         For waste handling – 06 Pairs.

Make: UK, Europe, USA, Japan

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