chinese incinerator manufacturers

chinese incinerator manufacturers

wea are chinese incinerator makers.  Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd..  Is a leading waste incinerator maker in China. All show comprised burning capability 10kgs per hour, 30kgs per hour,50kgs each hour,100kgs each hour,150kgs each hour,300kgs each hour,500kgs per hour. So far, all versions sale to all around the world and also have good feedback from end-customer. The YD Model medical incinerator possess multi-combustion room and fundamental dry scrubber (smoke filter chamber) with reasonable endeavor budget. For the cleaner require, we take custom made wet scrubber for incinerator, which will be also our following functioning by focusing on emission technical.

Dual Combustion Chamber: Each of waste incinerator layout with double glazing chamber. High Temperature, Smoke Treatment,No black smoke, Environmentally friendly

Containerized Mobile Incinerator: The incinerator mounted in ISO Container before leave mill, free-installation, no incineration house build structure,movable by truck.

Family Pet Dog&Cat Cremation: Particular design with movable platform, combustion chamber material and custom made for pets crematory enterprise.

Installation and Commissioning: Clover’s engineers instal,train for most of the region and free-cost train in our mill.