Specifications for Double Chamber Incinerator

The Model is for up to 300kgs capacity per batch load and will burn at around 55kgs per hour.
The unit has top loading design and has a heavy duty refractory cement lining for maximum heat retention. Unit have large top lid for easy loading, and specially designed front ash door, for ash removal.
This unit operates at over 1100°C in the primary chamber to ensure complete combustion. This model also benefits
from a heavy duty secondary chamber and burner which ensures a complete re-burn of any smoke and emissions and a 0.5 second gas retention time.
Burn rate    150kg/h minimum
Secondary Chamber    Yes
Gas Retention Time    2 seconds
Fuel    Diesel/LPG/LNG
Power Supply for Control Box    220V-240V 50Hz single phase
Minimum Operating Temperature    920˚C

Heavy-duty steel casing
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Large full size top load door and liquid retention sill
1 x diesel oil fired ignition burners operated on/off
Heavy-duty steel casing
High quality refractory lining and insulation
1 x diesel oil fired ignition burners operated on/off
Specifications for Double Chamber Incinerator:
Primary Combustion
The primary combustion chamber shall be accepted as the primary combustion zone.
The minimum combustion temperature of the primary chamber shall not be less than 800 degrees c
Secondary Combustion
The residence time in the secondary chamber shall not be less than 2 seconds
The gas temperature as measured against the inside wall in the secondary chamber ,not in the flame zone shall not be less than as indicated in Lot 1-7
Both the primary and secondary temperatures shall be maintained until all the waste has been completely combusted
The chimney shall have a minimum height of 4 metres above ground level
The minimum exit velocity of the emissions shall not be less than 10metres/second
Temperature Warnings
An audible and/or visible alarm to warn the operator when the secondary temperature drops to below the required temperature
Control box can be detached and mounted on separate stand of atleast 1.5metres from the incinerator at approximately 1.6 metre height
CE compliant or equivalent for incinerators of this size and model
Drawings and photos for the offered lots
1 year spare parts,fuel tanks and 10metre hose to come standard with every incinerator
Specifications for Mobile Incinerator Units
Trailer mounted mobile incinerator units suitable for the following applications
Medical waste
Domestic waste
Industrial waste
Animal cadavers
Heavy-duty stainless steel casing
1.5m length
0.6m refractory lined stack
Control of 1 burner
Timer control 0- 12 hours
Integral fan timer control
Temperature Monitoring
Thermostatic Control
Automatic Control
Cycle time set up
Operating and maintenance manuals
Spares list
incinerator fully installed inside of 10 ft ISO certified container
3,5 kwA electricity generator, 1000 litres fuel tank
Incinerator mounted on the silenblock cushion.

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