Multiple chamber incinerator

Description        Minimum Requirements
Design standard    Multiple chamber incinerator to the design of EPA  standards, Air pollution control
Description of the Chimney    Top mounted, self supporting
Incinerator performance    150kg/hr
Refuse     Hospital waste and carcasses
Recommended Temperatures    Minimum 1000⁰C
•    Length
•    Width
•    Height
•    Extra width for burners    At least 3000mm
Loading door opening    Minimum 700mm x 600mm
Hearth area    5.00square meters
Description or grate/hearth    A full hearth supplied to prevent contaminated liquids from flowing into the ash pit without being incinerated
Primary chamber volume    At least 3 cubic meters
Mixing chamber volume    At least 1 cubic meters
Settling chamber volume    At least 3 cubic meters
Weight excluding chimney    15, 000kg at manufacture
Firing tools supplied    Hoe, Poker and rake
Material of construction    •    Case – 5mm mild steel.
•    Bracing – Heavy angle and channel.
•    Hearth – 1550⁰C castable general purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory concrete.
•    Ashing door – High grade cast iron.
•    Loading door – 5mm mild steel lined with 1550⁰C castable  general purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory concrete.
Refractory  concrete:
•    Alumina content of refractory
•    Refractory thickness
•    Minimum 49%
•    At least 127mm.
Insulation  to walls     1000⁰C Castable insulation
Chimney stack:
•    Chimney
•    Height from base    •    3.5 mm mild steel
•    9 meters above ground level and clear the highest point of the building by not less than 3 meters
•    At least 560mm
•    At least 750Kg

Air supply


•    Barometric indicator, door operated draught limiter

•    Built-in forced heated air ducts, primary and secondary (intensifier)
•    Control panel – Circuit breakers, main switch, timer, pilot lights, 2 set point pyrometer and one set point pyrometer.
Electricity supply required    415 Volts Three phase.
Auxiliary  fuel    Electrically operated only
Emission     Multiple chamber design with inbuilt emission control
Paint: Case and stack    400⁰C Heat Resistant Grey
Temperature of case    100⁰C

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