Medical Incinerator Ghana

Controlled air medical waste incinerator designed for incineration of bio-medical waste generated at a blood-processing center. The waste to be treated mainly includes bio-waste (i.e. bodily fluids), infectious and hazardous waste such as syringes, needles, and other medical waste (i.e. silicon rubbers, plastic, textiles, papers, packs, etc.)

1) Bidder or Manufacturer ISO 9001 Certified
2) Respecting international emission standards
Electrical characteristics
3) A 230V, 60Hz single-phase electrical source.
4) Protections against over-voltage and over-current line conditions.
5) Compliance with applicable Ghanaian standards and regulations.
Operational characteristics
6) Two-stage incineration with dual chamber combustion
7) Burn rate: 15 – 20 Kg/h
8) Capacity: not less than 130 L
9) Concentrations of most pollutants in stack gases below detection limits
10) Diesel fuel
11) Electronic system control
12) Easy to operate and minimal training
13) Any accessory or dedicated device necessary to the proper functioning and utilization of the equipment included

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