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Latest Version Model no
Burring Capacity 100 / 200 KG/ hr
Number of Burner 02 Nos
Incinerator Type Dual Chamber

Primary Chamber

Secondy Chamber

Incinerator Design Controlled Air
Fuel to be used Natural Gas / Deisel
Loading System Manual / Batch Type
Warmer Time 20 minutes
Type of Paint Heat Resistance enamel paint
Chamber Plate Thickness 6mm
Chimney Plate Thickness 5mm
Thermal Insulation 100 mm
Refractory Thickness 100mm
Electricity 3 phase 440V
Composition of thermal insulator Calcium Silicate slab
Composition of refractory High Alumna Cast able 46% AL 2.03
Number of Blowers 02 Nos
Temperature controller 02 Nos of digital temperature controller
Thermocouple 02 Nos
Warranty Period 3 Years
Chimney Height 40 Ft (first 10 ft SS)

(24 inches diameter)

Scrubber Wet Scrubber with high pressure water injection
Smokeless Odorless