100 kg/hr incinerator for hospital waste

Specification of Incinerator

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Product Description

Specification of Incinerator

  1. Should have preparation, Incineration, Scrubber steps to burn waste completely and waste gas should be non-polluted
  2. Heavy duty steel, heat resistant coating, stainless steel lid, painted tubular steel frame, 2-blowers, axial vane, suitable drum (S/S, thick) for the incinerator must be provided.
  3. Approx. 20 to 25 Kg per batch and the time required for 1 batch not more than 1 hour on average.


  1. Ash should be only 5% of the waste material
  2. Weight of Incinerator – 50-60 Kg


  1. 220V AC
  2. Surgical , medical & laboratory waste
  3. B X L X H = 4 feet X 8 feet X 6 feet
  4. 1 year warranty
  5. ISO Certified
  6. Mobile Incinerator
  7. Electric