Portable Incinerators

burner for medical, solid waste incinerator, pet cremations,


No.    Technical Specification
1    “The Chamber volume of approximately 0.37m3 and a
1  combustible load volume (volume of material) of
approximately 0.30 m3”
2    Burner power of approximately 189,000kcal/hour
3    Maximum Combustion Temperature of up to 1250 Degree Celsius
4    Type of emitted Gas: Inert and nil environmental pollution effect
5    Electrical Power: 220V/50 or 60 Hertz—220V/50Hz
6    Fuel: Diesel
7    Electrical consumption of approximately: 0.35 kw/hr
8    Fuel consumption range: 7 – 11 ltrs/hr
9    Controls: Incinerator control including control panel, timer, display for monitoring combustion temperature, system error display, etc.
10    Packaging/Installation: Incinerator fully assembled and ready to be plugged in power source
11    “Instruction manual: Package must be provided with instruction manual including detailed information to installation, operation, maintenance, interpretation of trouble shooting signals and contact telephones
numbers/emails of local or overseas manufacturer’s technicians that can be contacted for guidance on operation of the equipment, if necessary.”
12    “Instruction manual: Package must be provided with training guide/manual on a compact disc including a demonstration for installation, operation and
maintenance, as well as safety guidelines, etc.”
13    “Scope of Supply: Package must be provided including
all the required accessories for installation and must
include spare parts/consumables that are required for a
one year period at a combustion rate of up to 8 hours
14    “Warranty must be provided for a 5-years period
starting with the incinerator’s installation and
including the provision of accessories and