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                     CAPACITY OF INCINERATION 30KG / H




The incinerator must be designated for the destruction of all types of waste produced by the Center for Health (waste type hospital, clinic, medical laboratory for destructive capacity of 30kg / h) .


Pyrolytic gasification combustion control shall:


  • Prevent development of black smoke and dust formation tine loading of waste;
  • Provide regular and complete combustion of the waste;
  • Provide controlled guaranteeing the absence of color, cloud of smoke or burning odor;
  • Allow limited fuel consumption


The incinerator with pyrolytic combustion must have:


  1. Combustor:


– Chamber strong steel support legs sheet;

– The lining is made ​​of refractory bricks and a thermal insulation ensuring a minimum temperature of the sheet;

– The sole combustion is composed of a refractory lining specially designed to meet the thermal, mechanical and corrosive liquid waste requirements and molten glass;

– The dimensions of the floor are equipped laterally primary air nozzles that fuel combustion;

– The hearth is equipped with a stirring system of waste combustion is controlled switch;

– The recovery operation of the ashes will take place once a day line before starting the day’s operation.


Composition of the refractory lining:

* Insulation:

– Operating temperature:                 1000 ° C max

– Nature:                                   Calcium Silicate

– Thickness:                              80 mm

* Refractory:

– Operating temperature:                 1650 ° C max

– Nature:                                   Refractory bricks with 42 alumina

– Thickness:                              110mm


Burner combustion:


– The combustion chamber is equipped with a burner to line to ensure correct temperature for the total destruction of waste combustion;

– Automatic monobloc burner and flame plunge equipped with an electronic ignition system and permanent ventilation.

Air fan:

– A primary air and secondary air fan provides the necessary oxygen delivery

– There is a motor operated valve that controls the flow according to the combustion.

– The pressure of the fan is 500 mm CE to pierce the mass of waste during combustion.


  1. Post – combustion chamber:


– Treat the gas has a minimum temperature of 1100 ° C with a minimum residence time of two seconds the afterburner is to;

– A secondary air injection is expected and provides perfect oxygen content;

– The burner ensures a minimum temperature of 1100 ° C continuous;

– The design of this burner is similar to combustion burners;

– The afterburner is equipped with access doors in order to ensure regular cleaning of dust;

– The afterburner is lined with high thermal insulation with a thickness of 150 mm


  1. Cabinet, control and regulation:

– The entire installation will conform to European standards (EU)

– The electrical power is 220V 50Hz single phase.

– Regulators of temperature with digital display:

  • 1 to regulate the temperature of the combustion chamber
  • 1 for controlling the temperature of the afterburner
  • The manual controls are provided on each item.




Description Dimensions
Destructive capacity 30 Kg / hour
Operation 12h/24, 6d / 7
Fuel diesel oil
Chimney Height: 5m, Diameter: 280mm
Volume of combustion



chamber Combustion: 0.3 m3

Post combustion: 0.2m3

Mixed combustion chamber: 0.3m3


. Combustion

. Afterburner


900 ° C

1100 ° C






0.11 KW

0.11 KW0


Fan power 0.37 kW