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Medical waste incinerator

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Product Description

Medical waste incinerator

Standard requirement:

The medical incinerator should meet the Europeanstandards 2000/76/EC.

–China    standards

Basic requirements:

  • Capacity 100kg/hr



  • Work for 24 hours

.—16 hours


  • Unit should have enough combustion room consists of two combustion chambers (mounted vertically)



  • Unit should supply with control methods for air entry to the primary and secondary chambers and hence incineration of the waste is accomplished.



  • The unit charging is done automatically and have an option to be done manually.



  • The ash removal is done automatically and have an option to be done manually

— manually only

  • The unit should have a dry filtering unit.



  • The unit should be controlled from the control panel.



control panel :

Should show different tasks of operation using (PLC)

-Temperature in combustion chamber



-time of operation and combustion.

—none, have timer device only


-different pressures.



-amount of air in combustion.




-efficiency indicator.



-emergency system in case of increasing pressure or temperature.



f- Time for gas passing:

Minimum time required for passing to combustion chamber for oxidizing 0.5 seconds at 800 degree Celsius.

—2.0 sec.


1- design details:

A-primary combustion chamber:

Oxidize all waste to combustion residuals and temperature not less than 800 degree Celsius.

—800-1000 degree


b- Secondary chamber:

Continue combusting combustion gas residuals and hanging particles using additional burner temperature not less than 1100 degree Celsius and this conditions is reached by harmonizing between temperature and time of passage to ensure adequate oxidizing supplying enough air to ensure turbulence of gas all the time this is controlled from control panel.

—1000-1200 degree


i- burners:

use diesel , natural gas , liquefied petroleum gases according to standards burners should have main vent to be used for protection.

—diesel oil or natural gas


2- materials:

-the chamber should be covered from inside with refractory brick with thickness 22 cm aluminum silicate insulation 11cm thickness with the ability to change this layer .


  • All surfaces made of carbon steel should be surface treated and covered with primary layer. Thatholds the working condition and easy to clean it is recommended that materials are chosen according to standard codes.
  • —yes

Chimney exhaust gas filtration:

To meet the European standard 2000/76/EC

—china GB18484-2001

Chimney height should not be less than 12 meter and radius 8 cm.

—Yes, stainless steel