pyrolytic incinerator


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Product Description

General Description:
for burning waste types:
1. Waste treatment facilities
• Hygroscopic wool (dressing, gauze, etc.)
• Fabric material (removed from the body of man or animals)
• Hazardous waste (needles for syringes, surgical blades, etc.)
• Plastic-based resin (disposable syringes, blood and mortars, plastic bags, etc.)
2. Laboratory waste (laboratory samples of cultured bacteria and other)
3. Disposable diapers (children and adults), and similar material
The total load per day: at least 100 kg of waste

  • Fuel:
    Natural gas
  • Operating Temperature:
    Minimum operating temperature: 850 C

Maximum operating temperature: 13 50 C or above
The rate of combustion§ of 15 kg / hour
Number of ovens / chambers: two, main and auxiliary
With high-grade refractory composite housing
Control§ and monitor temperature / sensor system:

  • Adjustable air system fan, natural draft, or equivalent
    The boot door and the§ door to the ash:
    The top or horizontal, with the protective door shutter
    The residual carbon in fly§ ash:

The height of the§ mine
A minimum of 3000 mm from ground level
§ Energy:
220, + / – 10%, single phase or 380V + / – 10% three-phase
Spare parts
§ Recommended spare parts and consumables should be provided in the list for 5 years of normal operation. The list must describe every spare part, indicating the proposed number and price.
Requirements for certification
§ The manufacturer shall have the following international certificates of quality:
– ISO 9001;
The§ equipment shall meet the following standards:
– CE marking
– Requirements of the European Union under Directive 93/42/EEC
Authorization of the manufacturer: