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Product Description



Power Supply:

The plant must be supplied with three (3) phase Power Supply.

This it require isolator and distribution board with circuit breaker.

The plant must have emergency stop button and fire fighting equipment.



All information/labels, operations and maintenance manuals to be written in English.


Oil / Fuel:

Preferable diesel. The height of the tank must have specific measurement (height) from the floor finish level to the burner in order to go easily fuel flowing to the burner pump.



All burner must have all required connections ie. Connection to the power supply, fuel supply, and return pipe the fuel tank. The size of the pipe must be considered in order to get enough pressure to the burner.


The number of burners required are 2 or 3 to the primary chamber and 2 or 3 to the secondary chamber. Require Air dumper to supply oxygen in the chamber.


Loading of waste:

System temperature should allow operator to work comfortably otherwise should be automatic.


Fuel tank and connection:

The fuel tank size must consider the number of burner’s, time and volume of waste. Need to have all two lines that is supply and return pipe from the burner to the tank.


Must have proper means fuel filling to the tank.

The tank size (volume) to be 500 Ltrs so as to avoid refilling of fuel during incineration process. The waste volume generation per day range between 1000-1500kg. Therefore the fuel tank needs to have capacity to burn such volume of waste.


Smoke standard:

The smoke standards required need to be WHO standards.

Air pollution control equipment/devices (APCD) to be in place for emissions control to ensure best practice.

Dioxin and Furan emissions are the most public health risks from incinerators.