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incineration of Laboratory wastes materials

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Product Description


For incineration of Laboratory wastes materials



  1. Smoke and smell free
  2. High Temperature , refractory lining with excellent heat retention
  • Quick heat up time
  1. Must have a secondary chamber
  2. Constant run fan
  3. Temperature monitoring
  • Thermostat Control



Technical Specifications

  1. Capacity :                   approx. 0.20 m3
  2. Fuel consumption:       5 litres /hour Diesel Oil
  • Min Operating Temp:   900 oC
  1. Max Operating Temp:   1350 oC
  2. Residence Time:           2 sec
  3. Burning rate:                 35kg/hr minimum




Standard accessories required


Consumables and Spares

Supplied with spares and consumables to carry out at least 1000 tests


Installation and Commission

Installation and commissioning to be done by vendor


On-site training of service technicians and operators (Analysts) required for at least 2 days

Operation and service manuals

Both required in English

Nearest Service Centre



12 months warranty from date of commissioning