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Electric incinerators, with the construction of a local implementation of fire safety and a fuel tank capacity of at least 1000 liters

“Semi Electric / Destruction of all waste generated by hospitals (laboratories, clinics etc.) / Combustion type pyrolytic / automatic operation, do not monitor requiring / Treatment System adequacy of gas for a complete treatment of pollutants in the gas / destructive capacity of 60 kg / h at least / Automatic Door refractory lined / Possibility of manual loading / disposal of waste to a maximum moisture content of 85% / combustion temperature greater than or equal to 900 ° C / post-combustion temperature greater than or equal to 1100 ° C / chimney height greater than or equal to 10 m
Sheet steel or any suitable material / Front loading door sealed with refractory lining / padding that meet mechanical, thermal and corrosive liquid wastes and molten glass with thermal insulation / Sol combustion avoiding the adhesion of glass and slag
Post Combustion Chamber
Sheet steel or any suitable material / padding that meet mechanical, thermal and corrosive / Thermal Insulation
/ Secondary air injection ensures perfect oxygen content / delivery with all the accessories required: squeegee metal ash tray etc … … /


Power Supply: 220 Volts


/ The incinerator must comply with air emission standards under Benin or if the latest standards set by the EEC in terms of pollutants and their content. /


Installation must be done in a room with necessary breakdowns led with high and low water and electricity to a maximum radius of 200 m and all electrical and water required for the proper functioning of the incinerator. /

Tank for fuel capacity of 500 liters with all safety accessories and installation / Fire Safety.