Incinerator type of pyrolytic medical waste incinerator capacity

Including:Incinerator: Structure to be specified

Together with the following technical information:

1.      1 pharma solid waste incinerator unit containing 2 combustion chambers and predicated on steel base with scrubbing


2.      Working hour /day: minimum 10 hours/day. Capacity: Approximated 150 kg/hr. Over 10 hrs.

4.      Wastes characteristics:

·         BULK density: 70 — 100 pound / bm³.

·         Calorific value: 2000-3000 kcal / hr.

·         Moisture content: 20-30%by weight.

·         Ash content: two — 8 percent by weight.

·         Plastic content: 15-20 percent by weight.

5.      Two combustion chambers.

6.      Operating temperatures:

·         First chamber: less than 700 – 800 °c.

·         Second chamber: less than 1200 °c (during steady operation).

7.      The burners should be automatically switched off if some of the combustion chambers is open.

8.      The burners of the first and second combustion chambers are selected for burning gas oil (light fuel).

9.      Automatic loader and unloader to be provided.

10.     Exhaust gases should be comply with International Environmental code and requirements.

– A receiving cage for biomedical waste;

– A combustion chamber using a chimney using a filter to keep the ash;

Chimney segment: about 300 cm; With a minimum height of 6 m

Door dimensions: approximately 50×60 cm

Supplied using a 500 liters gas tank along with all required accessories for installation.
The mark to be given
Capacity: 20-50 pound / hour
Fireplace: 4 to 6 meters ;

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