incinerator for medical waste

Dual-chamber controlled air incinerator


Materials of construction: The incinerator shall not have any asbestos, asbestos-containing substances, mercury thermometers, and mercury switches. Refractory materials shall be able to meet relevant standards under ISO TC33 and CEN/TC                                                                               187.

Types of incinerator design acceptable: Dual-chamber controlled air incinerator or dual- chamber pyrolytic incinerator

Waste feed system into the combustion chamber batch or continuous loading: For continuous loading, the automatic charging ram or auger feed system shall be capable of injecting small amounts of waste at frequent intervals and should be able to prevent waste from being fed when the combustion chamber temperature is less than 850°C. In addition, the waste feed should only be able opened at or below 50°C in an ambient temperature of 21°C.


Primary combustion chamber: Shall be constructed with a casing (reinforced to withstand internal pressures without deflection or damage to the refractory or other components) supported by a structural frame and provided with refractory lining and insulation

Access doors, openings, and gaps: All access doors, openings, and gaps shall be sealed to prevent emission of smoke and exhaust gas and to block admission of air during incinerator operations. Doors exposed to flame or direct heat of combustion gases shall be lined with the same type and thickness of refractory lining and insulation as that used in the combustion chamber

Grate system for the primary chamber Moving grate, traveling grate, reciprocating grate, or rotating drum grate

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