Double Combustion Chamber Containerized Mobile Incinerator

Waste Incinerator Mounted in ISO 20′ or 40′ Container before leave Factory. Regular Waste Burning Rate from 10kgs to 150kgs per hour.

Double Combustion Chamber

The incinerator design with primary combustion chamber, secondary combustion chamber(post combustion) and dry scrubber optional. This design will reduce black smoke, burn completely and Environmentally Friendly.

Free Installation

The incinerator mounted already in the container, complete with fuel system, electric system and the control case fixed already. Fix chimney and connect electric will be ready for operation.

Mobile Incinerator

Waste Incinerator Mounted in ISO 20′ or 40′ Container. It’s moveable with truck to anywhere or emergency requirement.

Containerized Incinerator

Rate: upto 150kgs per hour

Containerized Incinerator: we delivery incinerator and also container to customers, no requirement to build incineration house.

Double Combustion Chamber

Combustion Chamber: upto 1500Liters

Primary combustion for waste feeding and burning and secondary combustion to burn smoke only.

Incinerator Moveable by truck

Amount weight: 4Ton to 9Ton

Mobile function to anywhere or service to customer at their local site.

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