specification of Incinerator 20 kg/hr

Capacity UPTO 20 kg/hr
Size: 940 x860x2700 mm
With burner: 15 – 20 KW
Temperature: PRIMARY CHAMBER = 800°C AND SECONDARY CHAMBER = 850 – 1200° C
Sufficient heat generation for secure and complete combustion 600-800 °C in the first chamber and >1000 °C in the second chamber
Easy transportation on standard EURO-pallets
Constructed in a modular fashion easy on-site movement and assembly with a minimum of equipment and technical skills;
For the destruction of problematic waste like sharps, amputates and body parts, wet or moist matter;
Off-gas quality: moderate smoke emissions during one quarter of the total incineration time; no visible emission during three quarters. AS PER INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS
The remaining ash approximately 5-10% in weight and below 1% in volume of the original waste AS PER INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS
Chimney height at least 5 m above the incinerator 5m ABOVE FROM THE GROUND
Temperature resistance of the lining at least 1,200 °C


Carburant Diesel
Capacité (M3) 1.18
Ave Capacity 750 kg
Consommation (l/h) 6
Dimension externes
Longueur (mm) 3110
Largeur (mm) 1800
Hauteur (mm) 3300
Ouverture Porte 770×2000
Dimension internes
Longueur (mm) 2100
Largeur (mm) 700
Hauteur (mm) 800
Minimum température d’opération 950
Maximum température d’opération 1320
Température de suivi oui
Thermostat oui
Ventilateur oui
Chambre de combustion secondaire secs
garantie minimum 12 mois

CLOVER Containerized Incinerator

Technical Specifications

  1. Pre-assembled, containerized type

—yes, do not included chimney installation.


  1. Burning rate: 100 – 120kg / hour



  1. Minimum operating temperature: 8500c (Primary combustion)

—800-1000 degree


  1. Maximum operating temperature: 14500c (afterburner chamber)

—1000-1200 degree


  1. Secondary Burning capacity: Compulsory.



  1. Density insulation: 20 mm high



  1. Refractory casting: minimum 65mm



  1. Heavy duty refracting lining to withstand 15000c

—1450 degree


  1. Average burn out time: maximum 3.0 hrs



  1. Fuel type: fuel oil (diesel)



  1. Fuel consumption in L/hr: 7.5 to 9

—average 16.6liter/Hr.


  1. Residency time in secondary chamber: 2 secs.



  1. Residue ash post 100kg Max 3.8 kg



  1. Installation period Maximum 7days.


Lab incinerator china manufacturer

performance at low energy intake levels.
Max. Operating Temperature: 1320
Temperature Tracking: YES
Fuel: Oil

Incinerator dual chamber with capacity 1.5 m3/batch or 6 m3/ day, digital thermocontrol range 0‐1200

C, thermocouple, air distribution capacity 10m3/ moment, electricity intake 1.2kWH/ hour, power 3

stage with netral, cooling water sprinkler capability 5L/ moment, completed with refractory (insulation,

castable, ceramic blanket) and PLC


The Waste Incinerator was created to burn Type IV of pathological waste and infectious, contaminated “red tote,” surgical

dressings, plastic test apparatus and other wastes.
Pressure blower with modulating air controller generates turbulence and distributes combustion atmosphere to secondary space.
Gas Consumption (ltrs / hr):13
Low energy intake levels
Large counter-balanced fill doorway with electric lockout.
Burner:  2 tsp (main burner and second burner)
Ave Capacity: 60 kg per hour
Capacity (Cubic Mtr): 0.65
External Dimensions
Automated control system offers preset burn times and closed off.
Programmable digital temperature controls maintain temperature, assuring complete combustion whilst conserving fuel.
Easy and secure operation
Height Incl. Flue (mm) 7000
General Specifications
Residency Time in Second Chamber: 5 sec
Be required for burnout of final charge.

incinerator manufacturers

  Height from base: 11m and if there are buildings within 30m of the          
  incinerator, chimney must extend at least 3m above the apexes of all          
  the roofs of such buildings            
  Diameter of chimney at top: 430mm          
  Weight of stack: ± 500kg            
  case and stack be painted with 400 °C heat resistant black paint          
  1st chamber 850 oC -900oC            
  2nd chamber 1000oC            
  Variable speed combustion air blowers          
  Primary chamber volume ±1.05 cubic metres          
  Mixing chamber volume ±0.30 cubic meters          
  Settling chamber volume ±0.89 cubic meters          
  Weight excluding chimney ±6 400kg at manufacture          
  Firing tools supplied: Hoe, poker and rake          
  Length ±2 125mm            
  Width ±1 890mm            
  Height  ±2 125mm            
  Extra width for burners ±1 000mm          
  Loading door opening 610mm×540mm          
  Hearth area ±1.19 square metres          
  Description of grate/hearth: A full hearth to be supplied to prevent          
  contaminated  liquids  from  flowing  into  ash  pit  without  being          
  Compliance with South African Atmospheric Pollution Prevention          
  Act No. 45 of 1965 or equivalent air pollution standard          
  Documents to be supplied : Operations and maintenance manual and          
  standard operating procedures (SOPs)          
  Emission controls:            
  heated refractory screen            
  Low velocity grit settling chamber          
  Stainless steel arrester screen            
  Refractory material: alumina content ≥49% and thickness average          
  Bake out: to be done over 2-3 days          
  Materials of construction            
  Case: 5mm mild steel            
  Bracing: heavy angle and channel          
  Hearth: 1550 °C            
  Ashing door: high grade cast iron          
  Loading door 5mm mild steel lined with 1550 °C castable general          
  purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory          

chinese incinerator manufacturers

chinese incinerator manufacturers

wea are chinese incinerator makers.  Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd..  Is a leading waste incinerator maker in China. All show comprised burning capability 10kgs per hour, 30kgs per hour,50kgs each hour,100kgs each hour,150kgs each hour,300kgs each hour,500kgs per hour. So far, all versions sale to all around the world and also have good feedback from end-customer. The YD Model medical incinerator possess multi-combustion room and fundamental dry scrubber (smoke filter chamber) with reasonable endeavor budget. For the cleaner require, we take custom made wet scrubber for incinerator, which will be also our following functioning by focusing on emission technical.

Dual Combustion Chamber: Each of waste incinerator layout with double glazing chamber. High Temperature, Smoke Treatment,No black smoke, Environmentally friendly

Containerized Mobile Incinerator: The incinerator mounted in ISO Container before leave mill, free-installation, no incineration house build structure,movable by truck.

Family Pet Dog&Cat Cremation: Particular design with movable platform, combustion chamber material and custom made for pets crematory enterprise.

Installation and Commissioning: Clover’s engineers instal,train for most of the region and free-cost train in our mill.

Containerized Mobile Incinerators

Containerized Mobile Incinerator(CA Model)

HICLOVER now offer a full range of containerized incineration systems, placing us at the forefront of the latest transportation and industrial trends. Containerization enables immediate waste management as the units are pre-assembled and pre-installed.

Containerization is the most feasible and viable option in contrast to the construction of on-site facilities and housing structures, eliminating the man power and costs involved. The system has the added benefit of total mobility (both local and international), and is ideal for military and civil camps and remote locations where infrastructure is scarce.


Main Feature:

— Double Combustion Chamber

— Double Italy Burner

–Burning Rate: 10-100kgs per hour

–Combustion Chamber: 0.1M3-1.2M3

— Mobile Incinerator, Standard shipping containers, Easy to move/transport system

— Free Installation, Pre-installed incinerator, Ideal for camps

— Ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside

※Optional Function/Parts/Material/Burning Rate:

— Stainless Steel Chimney

— Dry Smoke Filter Chamber

— Chimney Height Custom Made

— Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate

Design standard Multiple chamber incinerator

Waste type organics domestical  waste
Calorific value of waste 9,25 MJ/kg
Ash content 20.80 %
Density 291 Kg/m3
Waste quantity (kg per hr) 12,500
Total Heat input (Gcal/hr) 23.71
organics domestical  waste Solid Domestic waste, after separating the recyclable, such as: plastic, cloth, metal, paper, wood, glass, stones, etc. than larger 10 cms
Design standard Multiple chamber incinerator to the design of EPA  standards, Air pollution control
Description of the Chimney Top mounted, self supporting
Incinerator performance 150kg/hr
Refuse  Hospital waste and carcasses
Recommended Temperatures Minimum 1000⁰C
Extra width for burners At least 3000mm
Loading door opening Minimum 700mm x 600mm
Hearth area 5.00square meters
Description or grate/hearth A full hearth supplied to prevent contaminated liquids from flowing into the ash pit without being incinerated
Primary chamber volume At least 3 cubic meters
Mixing chamber volume At least 1 cubic meters
Settling chamber volume At least 3 cubic meters
Weight excluding chimney 15, 000kg at manufacture
Firing tools supplied Hoe, Poker and rake