Doubel Combustion Chamber

All Incinerators are Doubel Combustion Chamber with One Fuel Burner Each. After Burner Technology for Completely Combustion and Cleaner World.

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High Temperature Incineration

Temperature Range 800 Degree to 1200 Degree in Combustion Chamber. Temperature Thermocouple Monitor and Controller. High Quality Fire Brick and Refactory Cement.

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There are latest incinerator news like technical, public news, business tender for medical waste incinerator,animal incineration, pet cremation

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Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Email: | Tel: +86-25-8461 0201

Regular model incinerator for market with burning rate from 10kgs to 500kgs per hour and we always proposal customer send us their require details, like waste material, local site fuel and power supply, incinerator operation time, etc, so we can proposal right model or custom made with different structure or dimensions.
Incinerator Model YD-100 is a middle scale incineration machine for many different usage: for a middle hospital sickbed below 500 units, for all small or big size family pets (like Alaskan Malamute Dog), for community Municipal Solid Waste Incineration, etc. The primary combustion chamber volume is 1200Liters (1.2m3) and use diesel oil or natural gas fuel burner original from Italy.

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HICLOVER Incinerators

HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, supply system solutions for medical environmental protection, animal and pet cremation engineering, other municipal solid waste incineration project.

We supply single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators for laboratory, clinic, hospital, medical center, hygiene clinical waste destruction with medical disposable, biological waste, medical plastic waste, hazardous waste, red bag waste, needle disposal, gauze and bandages, sealed sharp containers, pathological waste, trace-chemotherapeutic wastes, etc.

Our range of incinerators cater for small to large scale animal cremation related businesses, such as poultry farms, cattle farms, sheep farms, pig farms, stables, kennels, testing laboratory, catteries, pet crematoriums.

The incinerator burn waste in primary combustion chamber and burn the smoke from primary combustion chamber again to make sure environmentally friendly with no black smoke, smelless, reduce pathogenic bacteria infection.
System solutions for medical waste environmental, including waste incineration, smoke emission treatment, high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, waste shredder, needle destroyer, medical waste package, sharp containers, etc.
The pet cremation equipment humanized design with movable platform, small space covers for modern pet cremation business owner all over the world.
The containerized mobile incinerator mounted in ISO container before leave factory, pre-installation, no incineration house build construction, movable by truck and ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside.
HICLOVER is growing brand for environmental protection field, and market share with most of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries and part of North America, Europe territory. We are trusted partner for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. We have export experience more than 40 countries, including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturer make reasonable price for incinerator customer, supply medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, animal incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation equipment, small incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, portable incinerator, small animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, laboratory incinerator. HICLOVER help customer reduce purchase budget, custom made function, quality products and friendly service.


Tel: +86-25-84610201 Email: [email protected]  Website:
Key Features:

— Full range incinerator with Economized Small Scale incinerator, Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator, General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Pet and Animal Cremation, Containerized Mobile Incinerator, High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator.

— Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators.
— System solutions for medical waste environmental.
— High burn rate, from 5kgs to 1000kgs per hour.
— New Design for pet animal cremation business.
— HICLOVER, trusted partner with years of experience.
Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 100L 210L 330L 560L
Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm
Secondary Chamber 50L 110L 180L 280L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 0.75Kw 0.83Kw 0.99Kw 1.2Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.8.4 Ave.10.9 Ave.13.3 Ave.16.9
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.10.1 Ave.13 Ave.16 Ave.20.2
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil Tank 100L 100L 100L 100L
Feed Door 30x30cm 45x40cm 55x50cm 70x55cm
Chimney 3Meter 3Meter 5Meter 5Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 1500kg 2200kg 3000kg 4500kg
External Dimensions 140x90x120cm 160x110x130cm 175x120x140cm 230x130x155cm

Items/Model TS100(PLC) TS150(PLC) TS300(PLC) TS500(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 100 kg/hour 150 kg/hour 300 kg/hour 500 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 1200L 1500L 2000L 3000L
Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 150x100x100cm 170x120x100cm 210x120x120cm
Secondary Chamber 600L 750L 1000L 1500L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 1.38Kw 1.69Kw 2.57Kw 4.88Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.20.4 Ave.24.2 Ave.33 Ave.44
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.24.5 Ave.29 Ave.39.6 Ave.52.8
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil Tank 200L 300L 500L 500L
Feed Door 80x60cm 80x60cm
Chimney 10Meter 10Meter 14Meter 14Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 6000kg 8500kg 11000kg 16000kg
External Dimensions 260x150x180cm 300x160x190cm 400x210x300cm 450x210x300cm

Waste Incinerators International Market Analytics

Key Word:

small incinerators

medical waste incinerator

pet animal cremation incinerator

incinerator manufacturers



Incinerator is a incineration equipment, direct fire waste by gas fuel or oi fuel. As different circumscription, incinerator can be named many words as below:


Treatment capacity: small scale incinerator, large scale incinerator and incineration pant.

Waste material: Municipal waste incinerator, medical waste incinerator, animal cremation incinerator, human cremators

Incinerator fuel: gas incinerator, oil incinerator

Waste to Energy (WTE): WTE incinerator, non-WTE incinerator

Incinerator Manufacturer: China incinerator manufacturer, UK incinerator manufacturer, USA incinerator manufacturer, India incinerator manufacturer.

Famous Incinerator manufacturer company: Inciner8(UK), Clover Incinerator(China), Pennram (USA) , Haat (India)

Burning Rate: 5kgs/hour, 10 kgs/hour, 15 kgs/hour, 20 kgs/hour, 30 kgs/hour, 50 kgs/hour, 100 kgs/hour, 150 kgs/hour, 300 kgs/hour, 500 kgs/hour


Pyrolytic incineration technical is traditional waste treatment way for many years. All over the world, in many countries, people anti incinerator because the incinerator will produce a large Dioxin in the smoke. “Dioxins” refers to a group of toxic chemical compounds that share certain chemical structures and biological characteristics.  Dioxins can be released into the environment through forest fires, backyard burning of trash, certain industrial activities, and residue from past commercial burning of waste.  Dioxins break down very slowly and past releases of dioxins from both man-made and natural sources still exist in the environment. Anyhow, we have to remind that, this is large scale incineration pant, generally more than 30 ton per day. This is a social problem, to analyze and suggest ways in different angles from the public, government, economic development, environmental protection, technology development, etc.


So, why we still use incinerator?

First, for the medical waste from hospital, the pyrolytic incinerators is best treatment up to now. Pyrolytic technology can kill the virus, pollution control.

Second, for human body, pet animal, in many countries and regions, we desire to cremation them. This is the ceremony in the process of society development, and ceremonies to commemorate the disappearance of life.


As above two reason but not only above, we still use incinerators.


How you can find reasonable incinerator for your local site?

Incinerator is not a cheap equipment, generally the small scale model’s price around $5,000usd per unit and large scale model’s price more than $50,000usd per unit. So, before purchase one unit incinerator, you have to make clear following items:

A, burn what? Incinerator is a incineration equipment, function is fire waste. So what kind of waste you want to treatment?

B, small or large? This according to the waste output every day or the waste volume per feed time, like animal size.

C, fuel? Incinerator use oil or gas fuel, generally, gas fuel is cheaper than oil and the smoke cleaner than oil fuel model. But some local site don’t have gas supply system.

And other technology items, like power(220v, 380v), waste feed door type, incinerator structure, etc.


After you clarify these, you can go to find a local or international manufacturers, asking prices, technical specifications and ultimately purchasing the right products.



1. Type of waste: Trash  
2. Any other type:
3. Quantity of waste generated per day in kg: (50 Ton per day) SOW
4. Duration – incinerator will be used per day: (Minimum 12 hours) SOW
5. Approximate moisture content: 
6. Local incinerator operating and emission standards: US-EPA 
7. What is the height of the chimney required: Not known
8. Fuel proposed to be used: Deiseal Oil 
9. Availability of power and type: 220 or 110 
10. Details of space available: Plenty of space 
11. Do you require an automatic loading system: [**] Yes  [**] No 
12. Do you require a gas scrubbing system: [**] Yes  [ ] No 
13. How soon do you require the system to be delivered: 30 
14. Any other specific requirements:
15. Nature: (Solid/Semi-solid/Liquid)
Burning Capacity: 125 kg minimum/time (3-6times/day), double chamber, double combustion system
Imputing door Mouth Width (mm): 760*760 (approx.)
Chimney External Diameter (mm): 300 ± 10
Combustion Improver Device: 0.11kw, Fuel consumption: 7kg/ hour (max)
Re-Burning Device: Oil consumption: 5kg/h, 0.37kw, Oil consumption: 10-20kg/h
Voltage: 380v/220v AC, Warranty: 1 Year, 50 Hz 

small waste incinerator for ZAMBIA model YD30C

YDC incinerator is latest design for waste treatment, include medical waste, animal cremation and other solid waste. 
This equipment quality structural for kinds of site, like hospital, environmental department, animal cremation agencies, 
etc. CLOVER Incinerator supply updated models with dual combustion chamber, mix combustion chamber and smoke 
filter chamber with refractory lines, and the combustion chamber temperature up to 1200 deg C.

Items Specification
YDC Model YD-10C / YD-20C / YD-30C / YD-50C
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber
Secondary Combustion Chamber
Mix Combustion Chamber
Smoke Filter Chamber
Incinerator Common Control Case
Stainless Steel Chimney
Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units
Oil Tank (if oil fuel)
WWW.HICLOVER.COMWaste Incinerators Auto Roll Air Filters
Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201   

Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)

Items/Model YD-10C YD-20C YD-30C YD-50C
Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) 10 kgs/Hr. 20 kgs/Hr. 30 kgs/Hr. 50 kgs/Hr.
Feed Capacity (kgs) 40 kgs 40 kgs 50 kgs 80 kgs
Equipment Weight 2100 kgs 2100 kgs 2300 kgs 2500 kgs
Primary Chamber (Liters) 200 200 250 400
Secondary Chamber (Liters) 140 140 140 140
External Dimensions (cm) 170x140x160 170x140x160 170x140x190 180x160x200
Internal Dimensions (cm) 55x55x65 55x55x65 55x55x85 70x70x85
Oil Tank(Liters) 50 100 100 150
Door Opening (cm) 38 x 48 38 x 48 38 x 48 45×55
Chimney (M) 5 5 5 5
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Secondary Chamber  YES YES YES YES
Mix-Combustion Chamber YES YES YES YES
Smoke Filter Chamber YES YES YES YES
Combustion Fuel Oil/Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Temperature Monitoring YES YES YES YES
1st. Chamber Temperature 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000-1200 1000-1200 1000-1200 1000-1200

Floor Weighing Scale
“A digital weighing scale is needed to accurately weigh the wastes before entering the sterilizer. All the components of the plant are at the same ground level, so the balance should allow weighing the cart with wastes easily then roll it into the sterilizer.The size of the balance platter are left to the supplier as they will depend on the sizes and weights of the provided carts. Minimum size will be 900X550X6 mm.The power in the building has a voltage 200-240, therefore, the scale should work safely with this power and in addition should satisfy the following: 
? Durable construction with Stainless Steel Platter 
? Bidirectional RS-232 data interface 
? Easy-to-read 1″” / 25.4 mm high LCD Display with Backlight 
? Weighing units conversion through keypad: kg, lb, oz, counting 
? Auto zero tracking 
? Stability and low battery indicator 
? Overload and underload indication 
? Auto off (battery) 
? Power: AC/DC Adaptor 12VDC Operating Temp.: 5-35 °C. Digital indicator can be wall mounted and is connected to the weighing platform by a spiral extension cable (Length >1 m)

Truck cleaning set
A basic truck cleaning system shall be offered, consisting of a supply of surface disinfection chemicals, a knapsack sprayer and a high pressure cleaner. The containers shall be sprayed by a surface disinfection solution, will be scrubbed and afterwards finally cleaned with the pressure cleaner. 200 litre of approved, concentrated surface disinfection solution shall be supplied. 
The knapsack sprayer shall be of daily commercial use type and come with standard accessories: Pivoting stainless steel spray lance, flexible high-pressure hose, easy-press trigger gun,  shoulder strap and hand spray gun. The tank volume should be not less than 5 l with a maximum pressure of 5 bar.  It shall be a steel sheet container, hot-dip galvanizes with manometer, bleeder valve, TüV and GS certificated and different kinds of nozzles as accessories.
The high-pressure cleaner shall be delivered with the cleaning equipment. Power supply shall be 1/230/50 (~/V/Hz), the water flow rate should be about 230-560 l/h and the operating pressure  30-130/3-13 (bar/MPa . The max. water feed temp. shall be 60 °C.
Radiation detector  
“A mobile, hand-held radioactive detector shall be supplied to check the radioactive wastes in the medical wastes and to prevent radioactive wastes from entering the system. The acquired information must be recorded to the system automatically. The detector must warn both auditory and visually.

It should have two electrodes and be able to be adjusted according to beta and gamma rays and it must be approved by an Atom Energy Institution. 
Monitoring package
A one year supply of monitoring equipment and consumables for monitoring shall be supplied together with the plant. The package shall include 2500 standard chemical indicators test stripes (indication of successful reaching of the treatment temperature by colour change).
300 biological spore test (Bacillus Stearothermophilus) and one incubator for spore test (55°C). The biological spore test shall be adjusted for the chosen treatment temperature and time.
52 standard Bowie Dick test set (non-reusable) for the test of successful air removal (only if the treatment plant is using a vacuum process) 
Personal Protection Equipment 
Sets of PPE designed for the working with bio-hazardous materials (Risk level I to III) shall be provided. Each set shall include at least: one pair of safety boots (size to be determined later), one overall (size to be determined later), 30 masks, 1 pair needle stick proof Gloves, 3 goggles. 
The needle stick proof gloves shall be made with a Nitrile Butadiene coating (water repellent) which shall cut down penetration by blood and body fluids, sewage etc. The inner Gloves are made from knitted Kevlar for cut resistance, and have more than 350 elasticated steel Teflon platelets incorporated into them to stop needles penetrating. Test Standard: Injection Needle, DIN 13097, ISO 7864.
Sets of PPE designed for the working with steam treatment plants shall be provided. Each set shall include at least: one pair of safety boots (size to be determined later), one overall (size to be determined later), 30 masks, 1 pair Heat resitant gloves, 3 goggles. 
“Heat resistant gloves, Made from Kevelar, Application: Personal Protection Equipment for the loading / unloading of waste bags in incinerators, autoclaves, etc, 
? High heat resistant
? Good protection against cuts

Waste disposal equipment
Cart-Hydraulic loader (hydraulic operated bin lift-tip device)
“External, moblile lift tipping device with a control system. Must come with a hydraulic power pack consisting out of an electrical motor with oil-pump working with a centrifugal fan pump. Hydraulic valve shall direct the flow of oil so that the tilting structure moves upwards or downwards when pressing the corresponding push-button switches. Effected by two-hand operation. The device shall be designed to emptying the treatment container of the reatment plant directly into the waste skip without spillages.

“Width x Depth x Height: about 2 x 1.8 x 3.4 m
Minimum lifting capacity 500 kg
Electrical Data >2 kW
220C240 V/50Hz
Tilting Height >1.7 m”
Waste Skip (5,5 m3)
“Waste Skip (container) with 2 hatches
Volume: 5,5 m3, Liquid proof
Built in accordance with DIN 30720
Bottom C Mild steel – 5mm
Sides C Mild steel, 4mm
Hatch C Mild steel- 2,5 mm.
Reinforcement  RSC 76mm x 38mm x 6.7kg/metre
Lifting Lugs: 4 no Shepperd Meiler type manufactured skip lugs welded through both the channels and side plates
Tipping Bars 35 mm mild steel tipping bar with FLT6 mm pressed plate supports
Hatches to be fitteld with a detachable handle to ease opening, each hatch shall be fitted with 2 steel hinges and secured using a hasp and staple to which a padlock may be fitted
One coat primer, two coats finishing enamel in colour of your choice.
Anticorrosion protection: One coat primer, two coats finishing enamel in light green (RAL) 
Each dump hatch shall be equipped with a spring for facilitating opening
Containers should be equipped with effluent grate with drain valve. “
Deposit Tipper Truck
Should have a wheel base of >2750 mm.
Load capacity >5 tons
Cabin type: single cabin  
Engine capacity: >100 Kw, Fuel type: Diesel  
Gearbox kind: Manual, Number of Gears: 5  
Power steering: yes  
Number of seats: 2 with appropriate seat belts, with Sun Visor
Cloth Seat Covers and rubber floor mats (ruffnuts).
Front & rear mud flaps.
Lockable fuel cap, factory type where applicable.
Should come with an Hour meter.
Spare tyre and rim. jack, wheel brace and spanner. A spare tyre carrier is also to be fitted.
Provide two (2) amber revolving lights, both to be fitted permanently on cabin or roof bar. “
“Deposit tipper mounting:
For carriages up to 3 tons total weight to transport skips ranging from 1.5 to 7 cbm.
Compact design for good manoeuvrability. 
The system should work with two separately operated rotating arms and a telescoping equipment which enables stacking of containers
Expansion to the left and to the right should be separately operated, skip should be able to be clamped on to the loading area. 
Should come with two built in front stoppers which secure the skip to the front.
An additional securing with straps or chains should not be necessary.”
Other Works
Supply, install and operate Ventilation Works:
A complete washable aluminum centrifugal fan with its own electric motor, vibration stoppers,and air cleansing filters,according to the specifications and as follows: 280 m3/min at a 50 mm water static external pressure.  
A complete washable axial exhaust fan with rain protective cover and its own electric motor, according to the specifications and as follows: Ex-1 fan 70 m3/min at a 50 mm water static external pressure.  
0.7 mm galvanized iron sheets air passages with controllers according to specifications and industry standards.    
Un-painted Aluminum air outlets with the dimensions shown in the drawings and according to technical specifications.  
Supply and install a cold storage room
“Supply and install a modular storage cold room including cooling system with a size of about 4m x 6m and about 2 m high. The temperature in the cooling room shall not be more than 7°C. The cold room shall be constructed of prefabricated insulated panels. The panels should be fire resistant Class 1, the refrigeration equipment should be ‘CE’ approved and appliance tested at point of construction or after installation.

“The exterior height of the room including floor and ceiling panels shall be 2000 mm. Corner panels shall be formed in one piece for greater strength and ease of installation. Panels shall be of foamed-in-place polyurethane, which will be blown using, CFC/HCFC agent sandwiched between galvanised steel substrate minimum 0.6mm thick and the outer surface will be white polyester.
The polyester thickness shall be minimum 25mm and with a smooth finish for ease of cleaning. Edges of all panels including wall/wall, wall/corners, wall/ceiling, wall/floor shall be male, female jointed to give good insulation factors and be equipped with cam action locking devices to all sections, locking devises to be foamed-in-place at time of fabrication.”
“Floor panels shall be same as wall panels with the addition of marine plywood surface coated with a non-slip glass fibre resin suitable for pedestrian traffic and trolleys with rubber wheels. Floor panels to be capable of supporting 250kg per 0.145 m2 evenly distributed when panels are fully supported. 
Insulation Factors:
Each panel shall be completely filled with rigid CFC/HCFC Free polyurethane foam to a density of no less than 40kg/m’ and having a thermal conductivity of 0.28 w/m2 k. The panels will also have: –
A.    Coefficient of thermal conductivity of gn = 0.024 w/mk
B.     Coefficient of thermal expansion n.70 x 10-6/k
C.    Water vapour transmission rate (0,1…1,2) x 10-12kg m/m2 sPa
D.    Water absorbency in 100% relative humidity max. 0.2 volume%
Overall thickness of each panel is 100mm. “
“The assembly of the cold room shall be accomplished by excentric action cam lock panel fasteners. These shall be foamed in place and activated by hex key wrench provided with each cold room. All butted joints on exterior where visible and all interior joints should be sealed by silicon mastic provided with the room, to ensure no debris or dirt can accumulate at any time.
The cold room shall be equipped with one (1) semi-rebated hinged door complete with heavy duty hinges and lockable door handle, fitted with a luminous emergency entrapment release, which will override the locking mechanism. Door gaskets will be of a pullout push-in type for easy field replacement. Door surround and threshold will be in stainless steel Grade 304. The door shall provide a clear opening of minimum 900 X 1900 mm. The door blade will be of the same finish as the room panels supplied.”
“The room shall be fitted with an on-board air cooled refrigeration system capable of holding waste at the required temperature of +6 to +8°C The unit shall be manufactured to take up the full length of a panel and take condenser air from the coolest area i.e. Bottom of unit. The condenser will be fitted with a filter, which can be removed for easy cleaning. The unit shall be selected to operate in ambient temperatures of Yemen. A control panel shall be incorporated to include a digital temperature display that will be easily adjusted to the required temperature.
The refrigeration system should use environmentally friendly refrigerants. The unit shall also be supplied with bulkhead light and light on/off switch. “
Civil Works:Execute all the civil works according to specifications:
Reinforced concrete for the hall floor, including a layer 15cm thick of plane concreted and stone. 
Supply and install an epoxy-insulating layer on the hangar-lab floor at the rate of  0.5 litre/m2 over the lightly reinforced concrete with all necessary requirements for the conclusion of works according to the drawings and specifications, and the instructions of the supervising engineers.
Plastering work according to specifications
Supply and install ceramic tiles similar to the existing one for the walls of the hangar in accordance to specifications. 
Supply, install, operate, testing and handing over the electrical works including all work requirements such as plastic pipes, wires, cables, switches, sockets, and whatever needed according to the European specifications and norms. The contractor shall be responsible in case of supplying apparatuses or materials that are not approved by the management or the supervising engineer:  
An armed copper ground cable (7x240mm2+1x240mm2) extending from the transformer to the main board. The price covers excavation and back-filling, the warning strip, pipes, and whatever needed for concluding the job according to the drawings, specifications, and the supervising engineer’s instructions.
Ditto, but cross section (4x70mm2+25mm2)
Ditto, but cross section (4*70mm2)
Ditto, but reinforced with the cross section (4*25mm2 + 16mm2)
Ditto, but normal with the cross section (4*25mm2 + 16mm2)
Ditto, but  normal with the cross section (4*16mm2+10mm)
Ditto, but reinforced with the dimension (4*16mm2+10mm)
Armed copper ground cable (4×10 + 6mm2) for lightening the site and the fences. 
A complete earthing system 
Supply, install and operate a main distribution board with 10 lines, 800 ampere equivalent to Legerand type or ABB.The item includes the installing of the board on a concrete base with room partition.It shall include:
One (800 A) 3 Ph MDB 
One (2×160 A) 3 Ph Branch C.P.
Two (2×100 A) 3 Ph Branch C.P
Four (4×63,3 A) 3 Ph Branch CP
The contact breakers shall be of the MCCB type. 
A normal 80 Watt 50 cm dangling lamps from the roof 
125-Watt halogen down light systems, with an arm, and an internal and external wall base.
 35 cm-diameter fans for drawing air out at the café and WCs
15 Ampere 220 V 3-openings electric socket with switch 
 20 Ampere 220 Volts electric socket with a red indicator
Supply and install a telephone socket at the hall and management room
Supply, install and operate a fire alarm and fire fighting system including all parts and accessories required to operate the system in accordance with the drawing and specifications:
A sensitivity scalable T type Ionization smoke detector that works in air-conditioned and non-conditioned spaces including its complete cables in reinforced pipes.
A heat detector that is sensitive to the rapid rise of temperature and can work with a stable pre-determined controllable temperature, complete with cables in reinforced pipes.
A sirne should be installed to work automatically through the detectors and the volume level can be varied between 85:95 db according to the drawing complete with its cables.
A break glass according to the drawing and specifications.  
A fire alarm control pannel complete with cables in reinforced pipes.
Fire fighting foam in full 25kg containers with carrying wheels of a guaranteed source with all accessories
Fire fighting dry powder in full 6kg containers, of a guaranteed source complete with carrying frame and all accessories 
Telecommunication: To connect the office building to the telephone network and to install one switchboard for at least 2 lines. 
Operate and maintain the whole plant for one month including training the management local staff on its operation and maintenance through out the one month. 

medical waste incinerator

medical waste incinerator: medical waste and general waste
Capacity to burn waste: 400 — 500 kg/hr
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Consumption: 10 litres/hr maximum
Incineration temperature: 950 – 1300 °c
Casing: thick (min 5 mm) Stainless steel casing and fully
insulated to withstand sea humidity
Voltage: 220/240 V or 380/415V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Feeding: automatic
Ash 1 leftovers removal: Automatic
Fuel gas filtration system: Yes
Warranty: 12 months
Staff training: Operator & Maintenance staff
Operation and service manuals: 3 sets each
Especifica??es Gerais     6 mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400°C refractory Liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000°C
400°C silicone Based finish paint
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1.36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service     220/50
System weight    5,700kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height e    60x60cm
Ash port height e    36x36cm
General Specifications    6mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400 ° C refractory liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000 ° C
400 ° C silicone based paint finish
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1:36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000 btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service    220/50
System weight    5.700 kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height and    60x60cm
Ash port height and    36x36cm
medical, hospital, veterinary and industrial wastes by medical waste incinerator Process.
So, we’re interested with your Incinerator plants, and we’d like to get quotation and key features description of different capacities of your Incinerator plants, concerning: small models (5 – 25 kg/hr); medium models (25-50 kg/hr) and big models (50-100 kg/hr) and plus.

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