Doubel Combustion Chamber

All Incinerators are Doubel Combustion Chamber with One Fuel Burner Each. After Burner Technology for Completely Combustion and Cleaner World.

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High Temperature Incineration

Temperature Range 800 Degree to 1200 Degree in Combustion Chamber. Temperature Thermocouple Monitor and Controller. High Quality Fire Brick and Refactory Cement.

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There are latest incinerator news like technical, public news, business tender for medical waste incinerator,animal incineration, pet cremation

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Regular model incinerator for market with burning rate from 10kgs to 500kgs per hour and we always proposal customer send us their require details, like waste material, local site fuel and power supply, incinerator operation time, etc, so we can proposal right model or custom made with different structure or dimensions.
Incinerator Model YD-100 is a middle scale incineration machine for many different usage: for a middle hospital sickbed below 500 units, for all small or big size family pets (like Alaskan Malamute Dog), for community Municipal Solid Waste Incineration, etc. The primary combustion chamber volume is 1200Liters (1.2m3) and use diesel oil or natural gas fuel burner original from Italy.

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factory installed Diesel Fired Incinerator

Estimados, agradecería una cotización por los hornos crematorios para mascotas modelo YD-30 / YD-50.Mobile Diesel Fired  Incinerator model
supplied with the following specifications:
complete with constant ventilation fans for extraction,
factory installed inside one 20ft ISO container complete with lighting, ventilation fan, fire security, 3 access doors, and a 1200 litre fuel tank complete with a piping.
Fully containerised mobile  waste management solution for medical, animal, and industrial waste applications.
Installed in Container (ISO) : 20”
or its nearest equivalent model plan to build a incinerator plant with 3 units of incinerators at the capacity of 500kg per hour each.
Together with other facilities like operation office, store, space to clean waste containers and 3-4 worker living quarters.
Necesito saber
1.ficha tecnida
2.guía mecanica
4. Los quemadores son Ecologicos.??  5.’caracteristicas generales
Del YD 50  and. YD 100  Long Life pet crematory
in Diesel ….Me interesa este producto  Long Life Pet Crematory (YD-50), y quiero conocer más detalles sobre:
Dame la lista de precios exactos por favor.
Me gustaría pedir algunas muestras. ¿Podría  enviarme la lista de precios de muestras?Raw Medical Waste Incinerators. Can you please provide an official cost quote for purchase of (2) incinerators, whichever model has a comparable Capacity = 30 kg/hr.


Incinerator capacity of destruction of 350 kg/hour

average daily slaughter is about 120 pigs. The Condemned material and byproducts from the abattoir for disposal is around 1000 kgs.daily
one line incinerator for the destruction of hazardous medical waste.

– Incinerator capacity of destruction of 350 kg/hour, calorific value of waste will be 13-25 MJ/kg

[3,500 kcal/kg] and maximum heat capacity 1,225,000 kcal/hr.

– Incinerator destruction capacity will be 8.4 tons/day and operation time will be 24 hr./day.

– Waste will be through automatic feeding system into the incinerator.

-The temperature will modulated in varying flow and percentage in oxygen, combustion gas is re-burned

in the re-combustion[secondary] chamber at a temperature of minimum 1,100 C during 2 seconds.

– Control panel will be fitted with a functional synoptic view showing the operating situation of the whole

incinerator and controlled by DCS/PLC system.

– Gas treatment system will respect the EE standard [Directive 2000/76/EC-4/12/2000.

– TOC of slag and bottom ashes will be less 3% of the dry weight.

– Installation will be completely free from visible smoke.

– Incinerator will be designed as a Packaged unit, having electrical connection pre-wired and final pipes

in place.

– Incinerator will have automatic de-ashing system with upward direction.

– Incinerator will have flue gas treatment system inclusive [emergency by-pass stack, gas cooling system,

two reactors and particulates filtering system] and guarantee of emissions out of incinerator.

– Training of AKU staffs at site.

– Site may be inspected and examine existing ATI machine, capacity 150 kg/ 24 hour operation.

– Existing infrastructure space is available in basement, 100’ Length  x 30’ wide x 20’ Height for 2nd Incinerator.

– Existing chimney length is 12 meter, and width is 24”dia.


Refractory Concrete Incinerator

2 medical waste incinerators model YD-50, 150 kg feed capacity, 220/380 V, 50 Hz c/w 5 mtr. chimney.
Bio-medical waste management plant requirements:

Disinfecting/sterilizing the contaminated medical wastes, main combustion chamber, post combustion chamber, heat exchanger, ash removal units and flue gas treatment systems, with the following details:

Hourly capacity of the system:           from 250 up to 500 Kgs/ hour

Duration of operation:                        from 14 up to 18 hrs/ day

Fuel type to be used:                         Diesel or alternative

Calorific value of the waste:               3500 up to the maximum limit kcal/ Kg

Minimum operating temperature of primary chamber: 1000 degrees celcius

a smaller  capacity of 150 to 250  kg/feed capacity
will be good for comparison. Our main byproducts are the slaughtered unwanted carcass.

•             Using diesel as fuel

•             Capacity 50kg per hour

•             chambers material: Refractory Concrete

•             Number of chambers: Two

•             Manual feed
solicito un horno crematorio para mascotas, de una capacidad de 80 kl, aprox. solo una unidad, especificaciones tecnicas, totalmente industrial, atte. erika martinez peru

Containerized Mobile Incinerator


50 kg/  hour  capacity incinerators

·        Burning Rate: 50kos/hr

·        Feed Capacity:  150kqs

·        Primary  Combustion  Chamber:  900 liters

·        Secondary  Combustion  Chamber:  300 liters

·        Mix Combustion  Chamber:  Yes

·        Smoke Filter Chamber:  Yes

·        Feed Mode: Manual

·        Power: 0.7Kw

·        Fuel Type: Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG

·        Internal Dimensions:  120 x 90 x 85cm (primary  chamber)

·        External  Dimensions:  200 x 160 x 310cm (without  chimney)

·        Burning  Efficiency:  >98%

small  scale medical waste  incinerators.The required burning capacity of those incinerators are 10 kg and 15 kg/hr .The fuel oil using for those incinerator is diesel oil .


small scale incinerator of burning capacity

Poultry Incinerator – 400 kgs feed per day.a small scale incinerator of burning capacity 30kg/hr=1No. Note that it should be portable as this is meant for oil fields work on tented camps. Also it has to be diesel operated as our location is remote. 150!kg per hour LPG smokeless incinerator to be used at the international airport. This is a requirement bu the bio security that all international flights need all rubbish burnt within a set time.Required load capacity is 150Kg
Chamber – Primar 900 liters Secondary: 300Litres
Chimney 8M
Burning Rate: 50kgs/hr    Yes
Feed Capacity: 150kgs    Yes
Primary Combustion Chamber: 900 litres    Yes
Secondary Combustion Chamber: 300 litres    Yes
Mix Combustion Chamber: Yes    Yes
Smoke Filter Chamber: Yes    Yes
Feed Mode: Manual    Yes
Power: 0.7Kw    Yes
Fuel Type: Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG    Yes. Different Price if oil or gas fuel.
Internal Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 85cm (primary chamber)    Yes
External Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 310cm (without chimney)    Yes
Burning Efficiency: >98%    Yes

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